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Ski Season Series: How to Ace the Interview (3/5)

Once you've decided on your dream ski season job, and filled out the endless pages of personal information (be aware of this stage, its long, tedious and you'll definitely need a cuppa to get through it), next is the interview. Whether over the phone, Skype or in person, interviews are usually daunting, however its so important to ace the interview, because after that you’re off to the slopes!

To be honest, most interviews I've had, the people have been so relaxed and chilled out. Normally they just want go get a gist of the type of person you are, and whether you'd fit the role. I know its easy to say but ‘be yourself’, they will appreciate that. Another important thing is to make sure you research the company your interview is with, compliment the things you like about they way they run things, make sure you are familiar with resorts they operate in and where you would prefer to be placed. Additionally make sure you understand the job description you are applying for so they cant catch you out. Hopefully they will talk to you and answer most questions you have, but at the end don't be afraid to ask questions, they usually love a good old chat. One mistake which you should never do is lie on your CV, It will become obvious that you're fibbing during the interview. Make sure you have a copy with you and make sure you understand what you've written, they want to see the real you.

You can talk the talk but can you bake the cake? Chalet host interviews that are face to face may ask you to bake something you’d use for afternoon tea, with this in mind, its always useful to have sweet treat up your sleeve. Even if not required, this will leave a lasting impression and potentially give you a one up against other candidates.

Be punctual, look the part, prepare, research and don't be nervous. Finish with a ‘thank you for your time’, and for bonus point, send them a thank you email on the same day as it may tip the balance in your favour.

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