• Lucy Light

Ski Season Series: Is a season right for me? (1/5)

There is no doubt that a ski season is one of the most incredible 5 months a person could have. Snow, skiing, booze and independence, living with some intriguing people and eating the local cuisine. To all appearances doing a ski season is the best decision you'll ever make. However there may be a few things you need to take into consideration when deciding ‘Is a ski season right for me?’.

The late nights, early mornings and constant overworked fatigue is something all seasonaires will experience (if not you're not doing it right).

Its important when deciding whether to do a ski season that you pick the right line of work to do, and one that suits your personality and lifestyle. Every job in the mountains relies on people who have a big work ethic, but you also need to have the ability to show that hard worker when tired and hungover 24/7, which is a talent only few have…

Another key thing to bare in mind is that you'll be away from family and friends. A typical ski season last around 5/6 months, November to April. In most cases friends and family will get the chance to visit the one time over a quieter period throughout the duration of the season, but be sure to take this into account, if you get majorly homesick perhaps a ski season may not be for you.

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