• Lucy Light

Ski Season Series: Jobs? (2/5)

When it comes to doing a ski season the most popular job in the mountains is Chalet hosting. However there are many other jobs which are on offer such as bar work, drivers and childcare, all of which have different advantages and disadvantages to the job.

If you don't mind getting up early, serving brekkie, getting a chance to ski in the day, if you're not too hungover or sleeping, followed by going back to serve dinner THEN back out again for a few Demi Peches ( peach flavoured beer, the best thing you will ever taste) then so far a chalet host position is the one for you! If you enjoy talking and getting to know new people every week, if you’re willing to listen and really connect with the guests and make their time on the slopes the best ever (whilst cleaning a few toilets) then chalet hosting is a great choice.

However, when out on my season I sometimes felt like i’d got the short straw. I met so many ‘Drivers’, who's job was the ‘transport driver’ for the guests staying in chalets, hotels to and from the airport. With just 2 trips there and back once a week and lots more free time to ski than me i found myself being jealous of the drivers sometimes. Nonetheless like all jobs it comes with it pros and cons. Drivers hours are dependent on when the guests flights are/land, meaning frequently their ‘early mornings would be wayyy earlier than any chalet hosts. Being dictated by the flight times means differing hours each week, so if you're like me and like routine and structure maybe a driving job isn't for you.

Bar work appeals to me a lot, what more could you want than to be pouring pints and having a great time in the mountains.

Most participants work 4 or 5 days a week, leaving plenty of free time. You need to bare in mind when applying for a bar job you need to be able to multi task and be open minded. Your job wont just consist of pouring pints, a bar job actually entails much more work than you may expect….shovelling snow and moving the blackboards in so they don’t get snowed under, Stock rooms need tidying 24/7, stock checks need doing, glasses polishing, Vin Chaud making, cutlery polishing, mopping and the worst.. TOILET CLEANING. I always imagine that working at the local bar would repeatedly deliver brilliant stories each night, who left with who, knowing which chalet girl will be late for breakfast tomorrow, and getting all the gossip from around the resort.

There is no best and worse job when deciding to do a ski season, ultimately everything is amazing as you’re living and working in the mountains. It’s worth taking the time to really research the key factors that are involved with every job, so that your ski season is everything you envision. The main thing about picking the right job is making sure it suits you and your personality, and most importantly, you WANT to do it. Go into it with an open mind and you'll enjoy every second.

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