• Lucy Light

Ski Season Series: Social Life (5/5)

Eating, living, and sleeping together is a shock to the system for new comers to the mountains. However if you can get thorough the intense 5 months with the same people attached to your hip, these foundations lead to friends for life. The little mountain bubble you live in creates bonds like no other. Nights out with these people will also be unbeatable.

The late nights, early mornings and constant fatigue is something all seasonaires will experience (if not, you're not doing it right).

You must be ready for the reality that you won’t hit the slopes every day, nonetheless the ability to hit the bars, no matter how tired or hungover you are, drinks are always on the cards. Someone will always persuade you just to have ‘the one’ drink, yet tomorrow you will get up at 6am and kick yourself for yet again falling for the ‘just one’ drink malarkey.

Remember fresh air and adrenalin are the best hangover cures known to a seasonaire.

Ski resorts don't just have awesome bars which you “accidentally fall into”, (as me and my room mate used to say) each night after work, venues also put on some impressive DnB nights, 80’s disco nights, fancy dress events and much more. Despite the obvious temptations to go out every night, be cautious and remember you are probably working tomorrow. So even though every seasonaire should be able to drink any rugby player under the table, a seasoniare should additionally have some sort of self control.

Be clever, find the bars that have the best seasonnaire discounts, happy hours and general low prices and make the most of them! Most resorts are just small communities, become friends with the bar staff, some will be British and some will be local French bars, learn the basic language and be polite, a good chat goes a long way, you never know how many free pints and shots you might get.

You'll sometimes find there are snow competitions happening during the day. Take the opportunity on your break to go and watch. Grab a beer and see some awesome tricks. These day events on the slopes are the perfect place to go with all your mates but also great for meeting new and interesting people.

Don’t forget to give yourself the odd few nights off every now and then. The late nights, early caffeine fuelled days will catch up with you eventually. Be mindful of your health, looking after yourself is also fundamental to having an immense ski season.

On a ski season it is hard not to meet so many incredible people.

Yes, you recognise that you’ll have a good time, but for the lucky ones it becomes the best time. Signing up to do a ski season is never a mistake.

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